Laminates are one of the most versatile decorative products on the market. They come in numerous grades which means they can be applied to a wide range of environments.

The most common grades are HPL, high-pressure laminate, and CGL, compact grade laminate. These are available with special performance properties including chemical, fire, and wear resistance.

High Pressure Laminate

HPL is made up of layers of impregnated kraft paper which are laid up with a décor paper and then a clear overlay. These are then pressed under high temperature and pressure which cures the resin and makes the panel hard and brittle.

Due to the makeup of the product, most uses will include some sort of substrates such as chipboard, MDF or plywood. The most common use for HPL is kitchen worktops. We stock and supply the below manufacturers.

Compact Grade Laminate

CGL is made the exact same way as HPL but due to being in thicknesses 2mm – 25mm there is a higher kraft paper content. Also, usually CGL has décor paper both sides. This is again a very versatile product can be used both internally and externally. Uses include toilet cubicles, lockers, children’s playsets and building cladding to name a few.

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